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V ABf Anders Brandborg DX-Camp, Sumba, Faroe Islands FRO XHDATA-808  
V AR Andy Reid Peterborough ON CAN    
V HjBi Hansjoerg Biener   D    
V LKPt Lars K. Pedersen DX-lejr Tversted DNK AOR7030. 100 m wire
V BVt Bjarke Vestesen DX-lejr Tversted DNK AOR7030+ 100 meter wire on ground in NW direction.
V UQ Ullmar Qvick   S JRC NRD535D, Sangean 909 1000 m L, Sangean ferrite
V SHN Stig Hartvig Nielsen   DNK AOR AR7030+, Perseus SDR 150 m longwire (South)
V HF Harold Frodge Michigan USA Drake R8B 185' RW
V BVr Bjarke Vestesen DX Camp, Romo DNK AOR7030+ 250 meter BOG-antenna
V SHNt Stig Hartvig Nielsen DX-lejr Tversted DNK AOR 7030+ 3 beverages to NE, N and NW
V BVth Bjarke Vestesen DXpedition island Thuroe DNK AOR 7030+ 30 meter direction south
V SHNx Stig Hartvig Nielsen DDXLK DX Camp, January 2017 DNK AOR AR7030+ 300 & 340 m. bev's (WNW and WSW)
V CGS Carlos Goncalves SW Coast POR DRAKE R-8E;JRC NRD-545;Perseus SDR 30m 180deg;80m 300/120deg;200m 270/9;270m 145/325;4 loop K9AY
V SAX Shawn Axelrod via MWDX yg CAN ICOM ICR-70, Drake R8 4 ft unamp box loop, in- and outdoor wires

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