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V HP Hans Pammer   AUT AOR 7030 Plus 65-m Beverage at 225 degrees
V RG Rudolf Grimm via radioescutas group B Sony ICF2001D RGP3 Ferrite loop Antenna
V AR Andy Reid Peterborough ON CAN    
V AW Allen Willie New Foundland CAN ICOM R-75 600 foot 135' wire; barefoot mode
V SAX Shawn Axelrod via MWDX yg CAN ICOM ICR-70, Drake R8 4 ft unamp box loop, in- and outdoor wires
V FW Friedhelm Wittlieb   D Grundig Satellit 700 Martens Rahmenantenne
V HjBi Hansjoerg Biener   D    
V ZC Zeljko Cnrcic   D Elad FDM s2 longwire
V BV Bjarke Vestesen   DNK AOR7030+,XHDATA D808,Sang.ATS909X ALA1530 loop
V BVh Bjarke Vestesen DDXLK DX-camp, Hojer DNK Elad SDR FDM-S2 longwires 100 m S, 100 m NW, 70m SE
V BVr Bjarke Vestesen DX Camp, Ristinge, Langeland DNK Elad SDR FDM-S2 100 m EastSouthEast
V BVs Bjarke Vestesen DX-Lejr Saltum feb 2017 DNK AOR AR7030+ and Elad SDR-FM2 80 m towards SE; 100 m towards west
V BVt Bjarke Vestesen DX-lejr Tversted DNK AOR7030+ 100 meter wire on ground in NW direction.
V BVth Bjarke Vestesen DXpedition island Thuroe DNK AOR 7030+ 30 meter direction south
V BVx Bjarke Vestesen DX-pedition Fyns Hoved. DNK AOR AR7030+, Elad SDR FDM-S2 w/Asus Longwire 100 m SE

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