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V RG Rudolf Grimm via radioescutas group B Sony ICF2001D RGP3 Ferrite loop Antenna
V SAX Shawn Axelrod via MWDX yg CAN ICOM ICR-70, Drake R8 4 ft unamp box loop, in- and outdoor wires
V CGS Carlos Goncalves SW Coast POR DRAKE R-8E;JRC NRD-545;Perseus SDR 30m 180deg;80m 300/120deg;200m 270/9;270m 145/325;4 loop K9AY
V AJ Alan Jones South Wales G Trio R1000, Yaesu FT-450D 50 m longwire
V PWx Peter Witten Saltum, north of Blokhus DNK Sangean ATS909 Tecsun AN-200 AM-loop
V ABs Anders Brandborg QTH Almunecar E Tescun PL-310ET build-in
V AR Andy Reid Peterborough ON CAN    
V YMRM Ydun M. Ritz on Madeira MDR Sangean ATS 909 Ferrite antenna
V AW Allen Willie New Foundland CAN ICOM R-75 600 foot 135' wire; barefoot mode
V HF Harold Frodge Michigan USA Drake R8B 185' RW
V KZ Ken Zichi Michigan USA SDRdx +SDRuno randomwire
V BVxe Bjarke Vestesen Luxor, 4th floor hotel EGY Sangean ATS909 ferrite
V CGx loggings in the Beira Baixa province POR Perseus PA0RDT antenna, short wire w/BALUN, K9AY w/ just 2 loops
V BVn Bjarke Vestesen Logged in Nerja Southern Spain E Sangean ATS909X Ferrite
V CG Lisboa POR Perseus SDR & NRD-545DSP 4 loop K9AY, 6x19x6m Ewe 135deg., 14m LF/MF Vertical

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